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The Dorset Formulary has been developed in associations with
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Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust
Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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UPD Nutramigen 1 with LGG First choice removed HB
28/01/2019 12:18:19
(hhowells )
UPD Nutramigen 1 with LGG Updated to reflect name change
19/12/2017 12:35:15
(hhowells )
UPD Nutramigen 1 added trademark
30/12/2014 11:47:02
(hhowells )
UPD Nutramigen 1 Reviewing chapter and section to add new infant formulas
30/12/2014 11:29:29
(hhowells )
UPD Nutramigen 1 Status amended
30/12/2014 09:50:14
(MTrevett )