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 Formulary Chapter 23: Urinary Management Preferred Product List - Full Section

These continence products on the preferred product list have been chosen and developed by a group of health professionals from the community health services, in conjunction with Dorset County hospital, Royal Bournemouth hospital and Poole general hospital.

The intention is that this preferred product list must be used for all new patients and for current patients when re-assessment is due.
We are relying on all healthcare professionals to provide feedback and suggestions for any alterations or additions that seem necessary.

This preferred product list does not include intermittent catheters, as these should be provided on an individual patient basis after assessment and taking note of patient choice.

(It has been approved by Dorset CCG for acceptance on to the Pan– Dorset Formulary)

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Numbers in brackets indicate counts of (Formulary items, Non Formulary items)
23.01 Vaginal dilators (1,0)
23.02 Sheaths (1,0)
23.03 Specialist sheaths (1,0)
23.04 Adjustable leg bags (for sheath user) (1,0)
23.05 Male urinals (1,0)
23.06 Male drainage pouch (1,0)
23.07 Catheter maintenance solutions (1,0)
23.08 Adhesive remover (1,0)
23.09 Fixation devices (1,0)
23.10 Catheterisation packs Cath-it (including catheter removal pack) (1,0)
23.11 Retaining straps (1,0)
23.12 Catheter leg bags and night bags (1,0)
23.13 Specialist bags (1,0)
23.14 Leg bag support straps (1,0)
23.15 Catheter valves (1,0)
23.16 Catheter bag sleeves (1,0)
23.17 Night bag stands (0,0)
23.18 Indwelling catheters (0,0)
23.19 Catheters guidelines (1,0)
23.20 Specialist catheters (1,0)