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 Formulary Chapter 26: A5 - Wound managment products and elasticated garments - Full Section

Compression stockings: there is currently no formulary for compression stockings. Please ensure that patients are using the most cost effective and clinically appropriate appliance following details in the Drug Tariff. Please see the link to the NHSBSA here for the latest version of the Drug Tariff. Generic prescribing only

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Numbers in brackets indicate counts of (Formulary items, Non Formulary items)
A5.01.01 Low adherence dressings (3,2)
A5.01.02 Absorbent dressings (1,1)
For lightly exuding wounds (1,4)
For moderately to heavily exuding wounds / Super Absorbent Dressings (2,5)
A5.02.01 Hydrogel dressings (2,1)
Hydrogel application (amorphous) (1,1)
Hydrogel sheet dressings (0,3)
A5.02.02 Vapour-permeable films and membranes (0,0)
Vapour-permeable Adhesive Film Dressing (Semi-permeable Adhesive Dressing) (1,2)
Vapour-permeable Adhesive Film Dressing with absorbent pad (0,5)
A5.02.03 Soft polymer dressings (0,0)
Without absorbent pad (1,2)
With absorbent pad (0,7)
A5.02.04 Hydrocolloid dressings (1,1)
Without adhesive border (1,5)
With adhesive border (0,2)
Hydrocolloid-fibrous dressings (0,4)
A5.02.05 Foam dressings (1,0)
For lightly exuding wounds (1,0)
For lightly to moderately exuding wounds (1,2)
For moderately to heavily exuding wounds (1,7)
A5.02.06 Alginate dressings (2,6)
A5.02.07 Capillary-action dressings (0,3)
A5.02.08 Odour absorbent dressings (1,0)
A5.03 Antimicrobial dressings (8,0)
A5.03.01 Honey (2,0)
Sheet dressing (3,5)
Honey-based topical application (1,1)
A5.03.02 Iodine (3,0)
A5.03.03 Silver (0,0)
Low adherence dressings (0,4)
With charcoal (0,1)
Silver soft polymer dressings (1,0)
Silver Hydrocolloid dressings (1,2)
Silver Foam dressings (1,1)
Alginate dressings (0,1)
A5.03.04 Other antimicrobials (0,2)
A5.04.01 Protease-modulating matrix dressings (2,1)
A5.05 Adjunct dressings and appliances (0,0)
A5.05.01 Gauze and tissue (0,0)
A5.05.01 Surgical absorbents (0,0)
A5.05.02 Wound drainage pouches (0,1)
A5.05.03 Drugs for tapeworm infections (1,1) (0,0)
A5.06 Complex adjunct therapies (2,0)
A5.06.01 Topical negative pressure therapy (0,0)
Topical Negative Pressure Therapy (7,1)
Wound drainage collection devices (0,0)
A5.07 Wound care accessories (0,7)
A5.07.01 Dressing packs (1,2)
A5.07.02 Woven and fabric swabs (0,1)
A5.07.03 Surgical adhesive tapes (2,0)
Permeable adhesive tapes (0,1)
Occlusive adhesive tapes (0,1)
A5.08 Bandages (0,0)
A5.08.02 Light-weight conforming bandages (0,1)
Elasticated Tubular Garments / Bandages (1,1)
A5.08.04 Support bandages (0,1)
A5.08.05 Adhesive bandages (0,0)
A5.08.06 Cohesive bandages (1,0)
Cohesive extensible bandages (0,1)
A5.08.07 Compression bandages (0,0)
High compression bandage (0,1)
Short stretch compression bandage (0,0)
Sub-compression wadding bandage (1,3)
A5.08.08 Multi-layer compression bandaging (7,2)
Four layer systems (0,0)
Two layer systems (2,0)