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 Formulary Chapter 19: Stoma Formulary - Full Chapter

Guidelines for the prescribing of Stoma Additional Products Preferred in Primary Care

The Specialist Stoma Nurses across Dorset have agreed a Stoma Care Additional Product Preferred Formulary; the most cost effective products have been selected on the advice and experience of the local stoma nurses.

Stoma care additional products are prescribed for individual patients to help prevent sore skin and other problems developing with the stoma. New patients will be started on these formulary choices, existing patients should be reviewed when seen in clinic or during domiciliary visits to ensure formulary choice products are prescribed (if clinically appropriate).

  • Patients seen by the stoma clinic will be issued with 14 days supply.
  • The Stoma clinic will inform the GP of the patient’s stoma repeat products. This information must specify quantities required for a 28 day period.
  • The patient should also be issued with a list of products prescribed for them, along with the recommended quantities for a month’s supply or frequency to order if required less often.

Stoma clinics and GP practices must not provide retrospective prescriptions when requested by appliance contractors, dispensing practices or community pharmacies. All prescriptions with the appropriate quantities must be ordered by the patient or stoma clinic at least 14 days before they are needed.

  • GP practices should have a process for checking the quantities and frequency of repeats and contact the patient if there is a query. If the GP practice feel the patient is regularly over-ordering the stoma nurse should be contacted to follow this up.
  • Stoma products should be issued on a separate FP10 prescription to the patient’s regular medication.
  • Stoma FP10 prescriptions should be sent to the patients nominated dispensing organisation for stoma products (this may be different from the patients regular dispensing organisation).

If a GP has a patient receiving non-formulary stoma items and/or large quantities and has not had a recent review, the patient should be referred to their local stoma clinic (Poole General Hospital, Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospital or Dorset County Hospital), details are listed on page 8 (The patient may also self-refer).

If in doubt contact the patient’s Local Stoma Nurse

Review Date : January 2018


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19.01  Expand sub section  Adhesive Remover Spray

Average Monthly Quantity
1-4 bottles per month

To aid gentle adhesive removal preserving skin integrity.
Effective for ileostomy and urostomy pouch removal especially.

Adapt No-Sting medical adhesive remover aerosol
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Hollister Ltd
Product reference code 7737
Approved pack size 50ml 
Dansac EasiSpray™ adhesive remover
View adult BNF View SPC online View childrens BNF  Track Changes
Dansac Ltd
Product Reference Code 083-01
Approved Pack Size 50ml 
Peel Adhesive Remover Spray  (Respond Healthcare Ltd )
View adult BNF View SPC online View childrens BNF  Track Changes

(Formerly Remove, OstoMart OstoPEEL No Sting Medical Adhesive Remover Spray)

Approved pack size: 50ml 

Product reference codes:

OPA50 (Apple)

OPB50 (Blackberry)

OPM50 (Mint)

OPN50 (No fragrance)


Salts adhesive remover spray
(formally known as Wipeaway Plus)
View adult BNF View SPC online View childrens BNF  Track Changes

Salts HealthCare
Product reference code WAP
Approved pack size 50ml

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