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Formulary BNF Category
  Antibacterial Medical Honey, honey (medical grade, Leptospermum sp.),  (Medihoney®) Honey-based topical application - A5.03.01
  Medihoney Antibacterial Apinate Dressings Sheet dressing - A5.03.01
  Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel Honey - A5.03.01
  Medihoney Tulle
(Antibacterial 3-Ply Dressings)
Honey - A5.03.01
  Medihoney® Gel Sheet Dressing Sheet dressing - A5.03.01
  Tretinoin with Antibacterial  (Aknemycin® Plus) Topical retinoids and related preparations for acne - 13.06.01
  Urgotul SSD Silver soft polymer dressings - A5.03.03
Non Formulary BNF Category
  Antibacterials  (Stiemycin®) Topical preparations for acne - 13.06.01
  Antibacterials  (Zindaclin®) Topical preparations for acne - 13.06.01
  Dexamethasone with Antibacterials  (Tobradex®) Corticosteroids - 11.04.01
  Hydrocortisone with Antibacterial  (Neo-Cortef®) Otitis externa - 12.01.01
  Neomycin Sulphate with Antibacterials  (Neosporin®) Antibacterials - 11.03.01
  Triamcinolone with Antibacterial  (Tri-Adcortyl Otic®) Otitis externa - 12.01.01

SubSection Titles / notes  
Antibacterial drugs - (05.01)
Antibacterial preparations - (13.10.01)
Antibacterial preparations also used systemically - (
Antibacterial preparations only used topically - (
Antibacterials - (11.03.01)
Some other Antibacterials - (05.01.07)
Table 1. Summary of Antibacterial therapy - (05.01)
Table 2. Summary of Antibacterial prophylaxis - (05.01)
Topical Antibacterials for acne - (13.06.01)